Not Print 🖨️ nor the cloud ☁️ , not even your trusty robust flash drive from the 90's - No form of data will ever survive as long and as powerfully as a story.


Motion, Poster Series Of Type-Based Motion Posters based on Brutalism and Functionality in Design. 
‘Design’ is creative ideas *carefully* contained into boxes!

Brutalism in Graphic DesignBrutalism in Graphic Design inspired by the architectural movement, embraces raw simplicity, exposing design elements and shunning embellishments for a bold, functional aesthetic. 

A pixel, the smallest unit of a digital image, plays a pivotal role in visual representation across digital platforms. Its importance lies in forming the building blocks of images, enabling the creation of sharp, detailed visuals essential for graphics, photography, and the overall visual experience in digital media.

Brutalism in web design began as a functional approach. The Rise of Craigslist exemplifies this minimalist approach since the 90s. Since 2014, brutalist websites have evolved with different intentions. This led to another Motion Poster I made titled ‘Functionality Is The New Sexy‘ inspired by the minimal CSS design approach adopted by certain brutalists in the Web Design realm.

Inspired by this approach; These Posters aim to dissect and display the essence of functional design thinking.