Not Print 🖨️ nor the cloud ☁️ , not even your trusty robust flash drive from the 90's - No form of data will ever survive as long and as powerfully as a story. Campaign Branding: WILDPOSTINGS

Branding,  Poster 

When prompted to ideate and brand a relevant Wildposting campaign for New York city: I chose to tackle the fast-paced culture in the big city. 
A Wildposting campaign on mental health importance in NYC is important to make. According to the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, approximately one in five New Yorkers experience a mental health disorder each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the prevalence of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, as people deal with stress and uncertainty.
As a student in NYC trying to ‘make it’ like the rest, I often neglect mental health!  Sometimes one needs to tell us to:

I chose to play around with motifs of public transport and road signs to catch the eye
of an average New Yorker. Walking on the roads, People are often looking for the Subway signs, and
using MTA signs could potentially be eye-catching.

Keeping the posters simple, funny and not too wordy
Or as one says ‘Meme-y’

This was a crucial decision for me, since the audience I’m trying to
reach is already fast-paced and anxious, I needed to make the posters easy to read.
As well as Funny, so that the viewer would feel more at ease by reading them.