Not Print 🖨️ nor the cloud ☁️ , not even your trusty robust flash drive from the 90's - No form of data will ever survive as long and as powerfully as a story.

Branding Culinary Cannabis: à La Ganja

Motion, Poster , Branding, Illustration

No secret: Cannabis, a long-standing part of our society, now legal in many states, offers an opportunity for luxurious exploration. Curiosity sparks unique experiences, transforming counterculture into high-end exclusivity. With its newfound legal status, there is an opportunity for a safe exploration of culture, design, and skill in the realm of marijuana. Where there's curiosity- there's luxury. 

This opens the door for offering an opulent and extravagant cannabis experience for those who can afford the finest indulgences, turning the once counterculture into a symbol of high-end refinement and exclusivity.


“High Society Awaits You” 

While Ideating catchphrases for this series of Wildpostings- I realised the target audience i want to capture are the youth that want to indulge in luxury in a contemprory way. The color pallete is chosen to induce curiosity, and the illustrations play on the bud of the marijuana plant in culinary placements.