Not Print 🖨️ nor the cloud ☁️ , not even your trusty robust flash drive from the 90's - No form of data will ever survive as long and as powerfully as a story.

Imagine, Interpret and Illustrate

HTML/CSS, Interaction


This fun and interactive project is inspired by a game I play to tackle creative blocks. The idea is loosely based on the classic pastime of making shapes and stories out of clouds in the sky. However, instead of clouds, I use free-flowing and random blobs of paint. The aim is to interpret and re-imagine these colorful blobs, allowing users to explore their own creativity.


Interactive Paint Blob Interpretation Game: The core of the project revolves around engaging users in a creative guessing game. Users are presented with blobs of paint on the screen. When they hover over these blobs, they uncover my interpretations of the shapes through my illustrations. This interaction invokes creativity and curiosity, encouraging users to see shapes and stories in abstract forms.

Interaction Aim: To provide a fun and creative outlet for users, encouraging them to look at abstract shapes in new ways.

1. Hover Interaction: When a user hovers over a blob, it reveals my illustration of what I interpret the shape to be.
2. User Interaction: Towards the end of the experience, users have the option to draw on the paint blobs themselves, using a built-in drawing tool.

3. Toolkit: HTML/CSS: For structuring and styling the webpage as well as JavaScript: For interactive elements, particularly the drawing tool.