Not Print 🖨️ nor the cloud ☁️ , not even your trusty robust flash drive from the 90's - No form of data will ever survive as long and as powerfully as a story.

Garbage Gazette

 A fun discovery sparked an exploration print project. During my visit back to India in the winter of 2023—after having been away in New York for some time—I became acutely aware of the unique quirks and characters in Delhi that I had never previously found odd. One of these discoveries was the anthropomorphic trashcans that stood silently on every corner of the suburban area where I grew up. I began collecting images of these characters and asking other South Asians if they had also noticed this unique feature of our dustbins. There is a certain humor and creepiness about these figures, reminiscent of used-up Barbie dolls or ragdolls. I wanted to share this charming quirk of our culture in a fun way and create a "genus" franchise out of these trashcans. "The Garbage Gazette" is a collection of these dustbins categorized by genus.